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Job Description: A recently built home was experiencing excessive post-construction settlement. Signs of foundation instability included cracks in the brick veneer, windows and doors that difficult to open and shut, sloping floors, and cracks in interior drywall. Our representative checked the levelness of the floor with a rotating laser level and found that the corner of the house was settling. It appeared that the corner of the lot where the sinking of the foundation was occurring was raised with imported soils (i.e. fill) that was not compacted properly to support the foundation.

Residential Underpinning Case History
Analysis and Design: After determining that the foundation was settling, our engineer calculated the loads of the house and with the spanning capability of the existing foundation and anticipated achievable load capacity of the underpinnings, spaced the piles accordingly. The SS5 1-1/2" pile family with appropriate underpinning bracket was selected for the application.  
Installation: The existing foundation was excavated to expose the footings, the footings were notched and prepared to accept the underpinning bracket, and eight piles were installed to an average depth of 20 feet. The foundation was then lifted to return it to a more level condition.
Cracks in brick veneer
Underpinnings after installation.

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