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Job Description: A builder wished to construct new single and multi-story homes along the lakeshore of a new community. Soil investigations discovered weak, poorly compacted fill materials of various depths along the rear of the sites. Installing helical screw piles was deemed the most feasible solution for supporting the foundations since the water table was shallow, which would make over-excavating the unsuitable soils and replacing it premium, compacted fill very difficult.
Residential Case History
Analysis and Design: The foundations of the new homes were designed for support by helical screw piles. Spacing of the piles was determined by the foundation loads and the anticipated achievable load capacity of the piles. Since the foundations consisted of cast-in-place concrete, our engineers designed the concrete footings and walls with reinforcing to span between piling. 
Installation: Thirty SS5 (1-1/2") piles, manufactured by Chance Co., were installed to an average depth of 15 feet below the bottom of the foundation, cut to the required elevation and capped with a new construction bracket. Total time to complete the installation was a two days.
Helical Screw Pile Installation
Forms and rebar in place for footings.

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