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Specializing in:
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-   Remediation of Distressed Structures

Existing Foundations
In our experience, it seems the most important aspect of a properly building a structure, the ground or soil in which the foundation will rest on, is the most neglected, overlooked, or misunderstood. Builders often rely on their own experience or rules of thumb and only contact a geotechnical engineer in the most extreme cases. This is why sinking foundations, cracked or buckled foundation walls, and uneven floors affect some quarter of a million homes or businesses per year. Cracks in foundation walls can be repaired, windows and doors can be replumbed, and slabs can be pumped up with grout to be level again. However, until the underlying root cause of a shifting foundation is determined, further movement can occur and the cost of these repairs is lost. Let Heartland Design Group, Inc. determine the root cause of the problem, develop a plan of repair that will stabilize the foundation permanently, and restore the value of your home or business. We also offer ten-year warranties on our foundation repairs that can be transferred to future owners.
An extreme case of post-construction settlement
Conceptual image of underpinning process.

New Foundations

Sinking Foundations

Wall Repairs


Underpinning Case Histories:
Common symptoms of foundation settlement issues.

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