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Job Description: A company was experiencing some settlement with interior nonload-bearing walls in their corporate headquarters. The settlement was causing cracks in the masonry block and difficulty opening and closing doors to some of the rooms. We were contacted to present a proposal to underpin and stabilize these walls so that repairs could be made without risk of future damage.

Commercial Underpinning Case History
Analysis and Design: Our engineer was able to determine the extent of the walls that were unstable and present a proposal for underpinning. Since the walls were  nonload-bearing, they were simply built directly on top of the floor slab and there was no footing to attach our underpinning bracket to. The SS5 pile family with low-profile underpinning bracket was chosen for this application. The low-profile bracket was selected so that the top of the bracket would not extend above the floor slab once the underpinning was complete.    
Installation: The existing foundation was excavated to expose the footings, the footings were notched and prepared to accept the underpinning bracket, and eight piles were installed to an average depth of 20 feet. The foundation was then lifted to return it to a more level condition.
Cracks in masonry partition walls.

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Underpinning Case Histories:

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Storage room after underpinning and before concrete.
Storage room after underpinning and before concrete.
Storage room after floor is re-poured.