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My name is Jason Kabbara. I am a registered professional engineer in the State of Ohio. My focus is geotechnical engineering with a significant structural engineering background as well. I obtained my bachelor's in civil engineering from the University of Akron and after working under a structural engineer for a few years, I started working in the geotechnical field. Since the company I worked for also installed helical screw piles, I gained vast experience and expertise designing and installing this system. I feel there is great need in this area for this special type of foundation due to the problem soils often encountered in Northeast Ohio. I feel being born, raised, and educated in Ohio gives me the advantage of knowing how to deal with the often complicated soil conditions that can be encountered in this great state. I am also ethically bound by my engineering profession to continually educate myself and be objective in my analysis of soil conditions. Therefore, you can feel safe in contacting me to examine the soil at your site and recommend the most economically feasible solution that still provides a safe and stable foundation.

Located in the Canton area, we also serve the communities of Akron, Cleveland, Columbus and all points in between. We have done work in the neighboring states of Pennyslvania, Indiana, and Michigan. So whether you are looking to build new and want to ensure a stable structure or need to stabilize your existing structure, contact me or Mary today.


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