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Specializing in:
-   Engineering Inspection
-   Structural and Foundation Design
-   Piling and Structural Foundations
-   Remediation of Distressed Structures
New Foundations
Sinking Foundations
Wall Repairs

Heartland Design Group, Inc. specializes in the design and installation of foundations where the soil conditions are less than ideal and cannot support a conventional spread foundation. We have successfully designed and installed deep foundations for support of new construction in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We have also designed and installed piling for support of existing structures that were built on unstable soils and were experiencing damage from settlement (i.e. underpinning) and piling to resist lateral loads on retaining walls (i.e. tiebacks). We have also stabilized foundation walls of homes or businesses from bowing or leaning from lateral loads of earth pressure.

We are proud to be a certified installer of the A.B. Chance helical screw pile system. The A.B. Chance Company (www.abchance.com) is an international leader in earth anchoring technology since 1907. Partnered with A.B. Chance's expertise and our years of engineering experience, Heartland Design Group, Inc. has established a strong clientele and repeat business with contractors, developers, and other building firms. We also rely on referrals from other homeowners when contacted to correct a residential foundation problem. We are also proud to be certified installers of the Carbon Fiber/Kevlar reinforcing strap manufactured by Fortress Stabilization Systems (http://www.fortressstabilization.com/) for bowing or cracked foundation walls.

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